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永谷園 五目ちらしすし太郎 Nagatanien Gomoku Chirashi Sushi Taro (Sushi Seasoning Ingredient Mix For Rice) 198g

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The Sushi Taro Gomoku chirashi set already contains 5 types of vegetables - lotus root, carrots, young bamboo shoots, shiitake mushroom and kanpe (dried gourd fruit).

Set Sushi Taro Gomoku chirashidesigned for 4 servings, contains 2 packets of ready-mixed with vegetables for 2 servings and 2 packets of topping Nori goma - sesame with dried nori seaweed.
To prepare tirasizushi for 2 servings, you will need:
● 1 bag from the Sushi Taro Gomoku chirashi set
● 500 g of hot boiled rice (rice should be fresh and freshly cooked, the final taste of gioku tirashizushi will depend on it.
● any seafood: caviar, boiled shrimp , tuna, salmon sashimi .. As a budget option - crab sticks, thinly chopped omelet.

Gently mix 1 packet of Sushi Taro Gomoku chirashi with 500g of boiled rice and let it cool by cooling the rice with a fan, so we add gloss to the rice and the dish will look more festive. We spread it on one big dish or already on portioned plates, it all depends on your preferences. We decorate with seafood and sprinkle the finished dish with sesame seeds and nori from the Nori goma bag.

You can also add to the rice any ready-made vegetables (peas, corn), boiled sausages :)

Contents: 2 packets of 99gr Sushi Taro Gomoku chirashi mix, 2 packets of Nori goma sesame topping.