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小正 小鶴「くろ」芋焼酎パック Komasa Kozuru Kuro Imo Shochu Pack <20% Alcohol Edition> 1.8L

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Premium Imo Shochu from Kagoshima. Enjoy true Imo flavor and good taste. Brewed using Kuro Koji. The raw material "Sweet potato" is made from fresh golden Sennuki Satsuma Imo, which has been carefully cultivated by dedicated, passionate farmers in Kagoshima prefecture.

The water used is natural groundwater polished by the earth, and the special use of "Kuro Koji" black yeast brings out the unique flavor and umami introduced in the last years of the Meiji era. Furthermore, we distilled it with our original pot still. Please enjoy the fine delicious taste of this excellent shochu!