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たこわさび Tako Wasabi - Frozen 1KG

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Tako wasabi is always a favourite menu item in izakaya and sake bars.
Just defrost and serve it chilled (not cooked / warmed).
Its a nice easy cold dish / appetizer addition to meals, like a delicious octopus seafood salad with vegetables and tasty wasabi flavour.

Of course, it is the classic Otsumami of Japan.
You can enjoy it while pairing it with beer, sake, shochu, and even chuhai!
Its refreshing and not oily / heavy as a side snack while drinking. 
 So enjoyable for times at home.

This product (1kg size) may be too large for small household, and after defrosting in chiller, its better to be enjoyed within 2-3 days.
 We advise you to portion into smaller servings after first mild defrost, then defrost each time or for standby when you want to enjoy nice Tako wasabi.