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Hi there, we believe most of you all have tried miso before, either as miso soup, miso ramen, or miso dips and sauces, but do you know that there are soo many types of miso in Japan?
Shiro miso 白味噌 -- The most common / basic style of miso in Japan
Aka Miso 赤味噌 --  Slightly more aged type of miso, with darker colour and richer flavor 
Saikyo Miso 西京味噌 -- One of the popular distinctive Miso types in Japan, they are fermented for a shorter period, with lighter colour and sweeter delicate flavor
Hokkaido Miso 北海道味噌 -- One of the distinctive points about Hokkiado miso is that they are made from only rice and soybeans, instead of soybeans and barley for typical miso types.
Delicate yet richer style of miso, which is great for seafood style miso soups and broths.
There are so many delicious ways of using Miso as an ingredient as well! :
- Miso Soup
(Try out mixing different types of miso pastes to get your unique delicious blend!)
- Miso Pasta
(Miso goes amazingly well with cream / rich meat sauces!)
- Miso Pizza
(Miso goes well with cheese too!)
- Baked Miso Vegetables
(An classic way would be eggplant with saikyo miso!)
- Miso Teriyaki Sauce, Miso Tonkatsu Sauce, Miso Curry Sauce*
*Miso makes the sauce taste amazingly delicious when you mix them in, adding depth of flavors and texture.
Chefs do it a lot as their secret ingredient into their sauces! (wink)

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