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Hey Honeys, hope everyone is having a nice day today! 💛

Have you ever tried making tempura at home? Its a really comfortable enjoyable cooking and relatively straightforward dish to make.

Ingredients to use for Tempura : fresh vegetables like bell peppers, pumpkin slices, sweet potato slices, tamanegi onion, even corn, ohba and so on :)



For seafood, of course the classic ebi (you can use nobashi ebi, frozen tiger prawn without shell except the tail part, or you can use variety of white fishes, ika squid and even kani crab stick or chikuwa fish cake.

There are soo many points we can say about making tempura, and even for professional Japanese Chefs its quite creative and deep cuisine as well.

Ok, for today, we wish to touch on the classic tsuyu (Dashi shoyu) dipping style of enjoying tempura. (The other styles will be dipping in salt(s), or drizzled with tare sauces (Like in Tempura Tendon Rice dishes)

The classic tsuyu - there are many great ready-made ones available already, though you can make it yourselves as well. Even Mentsuyu (Like those for udon / soba dipping sauces), they can be used as well.

Tempura with Udon / Soba noodles (Both Warm & Cold Styles) is such a beautiful and delicious match up!

Ok back to Tsuyu broth, when you prepare it, make sure you have some grated daikon white radish (You can grate until its really fine, or even better, have a mixture of more coarse and smooth fine bits) -- It makes a big difference!

Secondly, you can add some Oroshi Shoga (grated coarse ginger) for a nice touch and balance of aroma and flavor of the Tempura tsuyu broth.

That's all Honeys! There are soo many other tempura points and enjoyable styles which we will like to share next time. Hope above will be interesting for you, and towards your own tempura cooking. 

Happy cooking always and stay beautiful!  💛

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