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ヒガシマル 京風割烹 白だし Higashimaru Kyoto-Style Shiro Dashi Cooking Broth 400ml

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This Kyoto-style soup stock contains light soy sauce. It is ideal for light-based soups for udons, noodles and vegetables. It can be as simple as mixing in an egg with water and the stock to create a variation of the egg drop soup. Quick ansd simple.


How to use:

1. Dashi egg roll: 4 eggs, 15ml of this product, 45ml of water (1: 3)

2. Soup: 30ml of this product, water 270ml (1: 9)

3. Rice cooked: 30ml of rice per combination

4. Udon, Noodle: 45ml of this product: water 270ml (1:6).