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ナシウラム Way Premium Foods Nasi Ulam Kampung Mix (MSG-Free Asian Specialty Cuisine Ready Mix Pack) 200g

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Way premium foods is one of the world's leading makers of quality Asian sauces and seasonings, most well-known for not using any added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. This is a revolutionary first of its kind ready-mix sauce set product for Malaysia's classic nasi ulam kampung dish. This sauce set contains:

1. Nasi Ulam Kampung Mix - A ready mix sauce for making nasi ulam kampung rice (just mix it with cooked rice!) - You can create the classic tasty fragrant mix herb and spice infused rice component of this Malaysian iconic cuisine classic.

Nasi ulam (Nyonya Herb Rice) is a traditional Peranakan (Straits Chinese) influenced food Malaysian rice dish, consisting of cooked steamed rice served with various herbs and vegetables. The use of raw herbs mixed into rice is derived originally from Hokkien Chinese cuisine, which was introduced in by early Chinese settlers along the Northern Malay Peninsula.

Different from other variations of Malaysian traditional flavoured rice dishes, Nasi Ulam is less usually eaten with curries that tend to overwhelm its herbal flavours. It is better packed with drier dishes like fried fish or chicken together with a healthy dose of Sambal Belacan chilli paste. As such, this is a lighter cuisine dish that focuses on healthy natural flavour accents of its ingredients.

Cook and prepare your own unique nasi ulam kampung dish --- You can add some sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, ikan bilis, egg omelette strips and your choice of tasty additions like grilled fish, cooked prawn slices, chicken breast cubes or cooked bean sprouts for a tasty and healthy meal at home!