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Minimum $80 for free delivery! For deliveries within Singapore 🇸🇬only.
FREE delivery within Singapore 🇸🇬 with min. $80 spent!

Honeydaes' Virtual Cookout: 1 June 2020 - 28 June 2020 (1 mth)

Honeydaes' Virtual Cookout:
1 June 2020 - 28 June 2020
(1 mth)
*PK Week: 29 June - 12 July (1 week to create, 1week final judging & social media likes


Rules & Regulations:

How to participate?

1. This online cooking competition is open to ALL!

2. To qualify, participants must first BE OUR FAN! Like ur Facebook ( and/or Instagram (

3. Sign up via this link (xxxxxxxx)
Share our competition details on your own social media and say "SUPPORT ME IN THE @HONEYDAES.COM COOKING COMPETITION!" for people to follow you through your competition journey
(P.S. Likes from friends contributes to 40% of your results)

The competition details:

This competition will be spread into 4 sessions, each week will hold a unique theme.

1st Week: Tamago
2nd Week: TBC
3rd Week: TBC
4th Week: TBC
5th Week: Mystery PK week?
Top scorer of each week gets a chance to participate in the Final PK

Submission Timeline:

1. The theme will be released on every MONDAY of the week at 0000hrs sharp

2. Participants have freeplay to post their creations from every Monday 0000hrs - Saturday 2359hrs and also to gather likes from supporters!

3. Judging will happen LIVE on Honeydaes Facebook every Sunday at 2000hrs.

4. All submissions must be accompanies by these criterias -

a) Tag (FB) or (IG) or both!

b) Hashtag: #Honeydaes

c) Write a description for your submission. (Be creative!)

d) **Screenshot your post and send it to us via our FB Messenger.

Results will be calculated as follow:

50% - Number of likes of your competition dish on your chosen social media platform(s)

30% - Organiser ( & Permanent Panel or judges.

20% - Mystery Guest of the week

The max score any participant will receive is 100 points.

Important notes

- There will be a total of 5 winners each week
(20 winners in total)

- Winners of the main competition will walk away with Honeydaes grocery credits of SGD 100 each.

- Winner of the Final PK will walk away with the grand prize & the rest of the 3 participants will walk away with consolation prizes. (TBD)

- **If you are a winner of any one of the 4 weeks, you will not be able to participate in any of the remaining weeks so as to be fair to everyone.

- Top scorer of each week gets a chance to participate in the FINAL PK on Week 5??? (yes?)


- Should any winners for Honeydaes' Virtual Cookout fall in the hands of ABC Studio's members, they will receive an additional secret prize! 🥳

1. The management & organiser reserves the rights to any amendments without prior information.