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オタフク お好みソース 大人の辛口 OTAFUKU OTONA NO KARAKUCHI Spicy Okonomiyaki Sauce 300g

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A "spicy sauce for adults" that sticks to its spicy flavour with umami intact. Smoked ripe jalapeno "Chipotle" is compounded into this sauce. The smoky odor of Chipotle will boosts your favourite baked goods. It has a savory flavour similar to "Toppusu" along with a strong spicy taste, fitting well with your choice. Great with Pork Cutlets or Fried shrimps!

It's liquid runs well and is difficult for it to drip on the cap with "Pitachi cap" adopted into its design. Even a little is plentiful, it only comes out when necessary. Easy-to-grasp smart bottle. Fits nicely into the pocket of the refrigerator. Caramel Pigment is not used in this product.