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玄滋米 GEN-JI-MAI Premium Medium Whole Grain Soft Genmai Brown Rice 1kg (Small Cook Easy Package)

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Product of USA. Gen-Ji-Mai is a premium Whole Grain Brown Rice that is not only superior in taste, but also cooks more quickly. Created through a propriety technique that makes Gen-Ji-Mai more permeable to water while maintaining all of the nutrients. Thus creating a Brown rice with better texture that is much more nutritious than white rice.

Gen-Ji-Mai rice contains 64% more fibre, 400% more antioxidants than regular white rice. Gen-Ji-Mai is the choice of staple rice diet for the healthy food lifestyle lover, who places emphasis on good daily nutrition intake of meals, and at the same time is a foodie as well! (wink). Unlike regular brown options in the market, which tend to be of harder grain texture and drier bite-feel.

Gen-Ji-Mai rice is a premium quality type brown rice that's really yummy and its soft luxurious texture, tasty rice fragrance really stands out! This makes Gen-Ji-Mai rice such a yummy and suitable healthy replacement to normal white rice for home cooks and families around the world!